December 11, 2018


Quick Freeze Marbleized Ice: How to

Need to freeze ice blanks in a hurry?

You're having guests over tonight but you forgot to fill up your Cirrus ice cup molds last night! Don't panic. We will walk you through how to freeze ice blanks in roughly 2 hours instead of 8+ hours. An added bonus is the ice will have a visually appealing marbleized look to it.


Step 1: Pick up a bag of ice from your local convenience store. With your bagged ice in hand, fill up your Cirrus ice cup mold with as much ice as you can.

Step 2: Once the ice cup mold is full, pour ice cold water into the ice cup mold to fill in the gaps. Immediately put the ice cup mold into your freezer and wait a minimum of 2 hours.

Step 3: When you are ready to make an ice ball with your Cirrus Ice Ball Press, the ice will be clear from the bagged ice and cloudy from the water you poured in. Enjoy!