2.75" Clear Ice System

Make crystal clear ice blanks! (For use with the 2.75" Cirrus Press)

Introducing our exclusive method for freezing crystal clear ice in any type of freezer.

The 2.75" Clear Ice System comes with a 18/8 stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler and a custom insert for forming and freezing clear ice blanks at home, restaurant, or bar. 

The process is easy:

Step 1: Fill the mold

Step 2: Seal the mold by placing into insulated tumbler

Step 3: Freeze for 24-36 hours

Step 4: Once frozen, remove ice cup & leave out for 5 minutes to temper. Once tempered, remove ice from cup & run the bottom cone under hot water until cloudy ice section has melted away. Use the clear section in your 2.75" Cirrus Press or store in Ziploc bag for later use. 

Note: Tumbler is dishwasher safe, but plastic insert is hand wash only.

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